The Shortest Telegram: Endgame

1. The entire planet has succumbed to the vision that the most powerful can’t be defeated. That exaltation of the smartest to deep cavities of the world created a vacuum that’s being filled with not so clever minds. Much long before the creation of the earth and its satellites, the vacuum once empty and silent was rattled with loud noise and pressure exhausted from the depth of the universe, thus creating the wild nature and dark skies, covered like a blanket of thick dust from the center of the solar system. Millions or even billions of years would pass till the first life form is organized, and the first life mind is originated, eventually leading to us, humans in our current state.

2. What makes the strongest so strong that they can exploit any minds and bodies of the rest? It’s not the physical rust that covers their weak minds. And it’s not the mental superiority, although sometimes it has a place to be. In most cases, the division among the weakest creates a unity of the power handlers.

Divide and conquer was never a problem, unite and fight was always the biggest issue for many generations.

Age and social norms would widen the crack in this human defect. Strip us of our legacies, and we’re no one. Give us power and money, and we’re the strongest. Disintegrate us, and we fall into our fears and weaknesses. We have no control over the future or the past, but we try to control the present, making sure the present is always what we maintain.

3. In the 21st-century, technologies and alternative mechanisms of creating or hiding wealth understandably fortified the walls of the stronghold. The gap between the weakest and the richest existed, but with technological absurdity, people locked themselves in the digital bubble. Dreams became part of reality, lies became the true mediums to our souls and minds. The fact that most tech-driven countries and organizations maintain a status quo represents the future of the world, where one substance is controlled at a constant rate and pace by the other.

4. We are not a group of people when we are hiding behind all those social media digital facades. We take the cork out of the wine, but we don’t drink it. The measurement of trust in this world has come to a simple digital identity. The rate at which our digital presence is growing amuses even the creators of those ecosystems. Uncontrollable hate and mistrust flip to the opposite in a matter of one click in the right direction, the path or the route predetermined by sophisticated data algorithms.

5. Two lives, two worlds, billions of emotional pathways. Wars have become a burden, military assets in the skies and on the ground have lost their perspective, their usefulness, therefore becoming inapplicable in the modern world of ones and zeroes. Snatching life is not a means to success, keeping you glued to your screens and bank accounts is what makes the greatest — the strongest.

6. But let’s focus on the problem at hand. More than 8 billion of the population hanging on the doorsteps of digital hell can’t seem to break the ice with the guardian. What made the entry so important, what made the tribal sheep about to be slaughtered so important. The fact that it is doing it willingly accepting destiny, the future is present. Taking on the big tech or the richest is not the answer to the question — do we need to be here? No, the answer is not a reflection of gods in our souls, not the fungus that spreads underneath the earth hiding behind the soil that feeds us, not in the space that confronts us every single time we try to leave this planet. No. No, and no again.

7. The answer is hidden in the past — we’re here to survive and the end of this survival game has been nearing for ages, most violently, mostly through pragmatism and efficiency in resources. But not today. Today, the digital delirium we’re being sucked into is the end of our physical compliance with nature.

8. Nature is like a post office that sends out many notices, until one day sends a red notice, usually in a very modest, simple way, by downsizing the entire species… from many to zero. That’s her endgame. No negotiations, no final words, nothing. It’s a light switch. Two positions ON and OFF. And we’re being OFFed right now.


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